what is a groupbuy?

A Group Buy is similar to pre ordering a product before production. Our Desk Pads are made in bulk and need pre ordering before production.

We (UNSPOKEN) take pre orders for a set period of time (Usually around 4 Weeks) and then make the order with manufacturers, The product then ships to UNSPOKEN HQ, We then carefully package up your product and send them out to you (THE CUSTOMER).

what is the status of my groupbuy?

To find the status of your GB you can click HERE


where are unspoken based?

Unspoken are based in the UK, all of our items ship from here.

We are working on getting vendors in other countries so shipping costs are lower and quicker.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs all depend on the location, if you go to order a item it will calculate the costs there. (Please remember we are from the UK)